About Helping Habit

Our Story

Helping Habit PBC is an award-winning, minority-owned Colorado public benefit corporation founded in 2017 by two fifth-generation Colorado natives.  The founders were both working as attorneys in Colorado when they went out to find a volunteer opportunity that fit into their hectic schedules.  They found it difficult to find local organizations to volunteer with, and when they did find them, it was even more difficult to schedule with them.  So, they set out to find a better way.

The Problem

While looking into the volunteer industry, we saw that the volunteer rate in the US dropped (or was stagnant) every year between 2008 and 2017.  We were discouraged to see the percentage of the population that volunteers consistently going down.  However, we also saw that during that same 10 year period, searches on Google for things like “volunteering in my community” rose over 10,000%.  So, people like our us are looking to volunteer but are not following through because organizations with volunteer needs are not looking for them in the same manner.

Lack of Options

Additionally, our founders noticed that there were not very many choices for affordable technology tools that could recruit and manage volunteers for nonprofit organizations. While there were some technology tools that made it easier to find volunteer opportunities, there were very few opportunities posted on them because they were mostly offered by for-profit companies that made 100% of their revenue charging nonprofits monthly fees.  Since 80% of nonprofit organization have an annual budget of less than $500K, most will never be able to use those tools.

Cross-Platform Data

Helping Habit is designed to make it simple for nonprofits to post their volunteer opportunities and solicit donations from their volunteers. By having volunteer management and donations on one system, it’s easy for volunteers to donate quickly and securely. Our goal is to help nonprofits expand their impact for little to no cost. Our donation platform does exactly that! Helping Habit helps you get in front of donors you would otherwise not, and helps you maximize your donations from the people most likely to donate, your current volunteers.

Our Solution

Helping Habit was created to solve these issues by giving any volunteer organization the exposure and efficiency they need, while providing the public with a place to find and interact with a number of nonprofit causes and a better volunteer experience.  We use cutting edge technology and a unique approach to increase management efficiency, recruitment, reporting capabilities, and volunteer satisfaction at a value that can’t be beat.

We seek out the opportunity to get feedback from our stakeholders (volunteers, organizations, and companies) and act on the insight we learn.  That has lead us to create a low-cost donation processing platform that drives increased donations, and a unique corporate social responsibility management tool that reduces friction between nonprofits and corporations, saving them both time and money.

Simply put, we make it easier for nonprofits, individuals, and corporations to do good.

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Our Mission

To put opportunities for good at the fingertips of every person; and in doing so, help volunteer organizations accomplish and expand their goals.