Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping Habit makes it easier to find and manage corporate resources.

Manage Corporate Volunteers with Ease

Stop wasting time coordinating with corporate representatives for volunteer events. Employees sign up with you or they can be assigned to an event directly.

Mix and Match Your Corporate and Public Volunteers

Easily manage corporate volunteers with public volunteers. It’s as simple as assigning spots in existing events to corporations while your volunteer groups are segmented by type making check-in a breeze.  Or make a private events for corporate giving days.


Corporate Giving Made Easy

Stop hunting for corporate philanthropy. We help new corporations come to you for their volunteer activity and corporate donation matching.  Corporate employees are incentivized to engage with nonprofits on the Helping Habit system.

CSR and VMS for One Low Price

Helping Habit’s CSR functionality is free to use. So stop wasting time and money with other expensive volunteer management software and contact us today.