Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing Good is Good Business

Attracting and Retaining Talented Teams

The world is changing fast. CSR programs are now a must have for any business. But don’t take our word for it, the data is clear:


• 67% of all employees prefer to work for a company with social impact programs
and, companies with CSR programs reduce their employee turnover by roughly 50%.

• Employee productivity increases 13% for employees engaged in a CSR program.

• 50% of all employees believe their employer should connect them with opportunities for
nonprofit engagement.

Conscience Consumerism is All the Rage

Consumers are flocking towards companies with a purpose and those that take pride in their community.


• 66% of consumers would switch from a product they regularly buy to a new product from purpose- driven company.

• 57% of consumers would pay more for a product from a purpose-driven company

• Consumers are 4.5 times more likely to recommend a brand to friends and family if it is purpose-driven.


Better for Your Bottom Line

CSR can increase your company’s profits! Fully integrating CSR into their operations can expect quick financial returns on their investments through increased sales and reduced employee turnover.


• Effective CSR programs can increase market value by 4-6%.

• In the last three years, 85% of purpose-driven companies showed a revenue increase vs 42% of non-purpose-driven companies showed a drop in revenue.

• Companies with strong CSR programs avoid revenue losses of up to 7% of firm’s market value and increase sales by nearly 20%.

So Why Helping Habit CSR Management?

Despite being essential in today’s world, CSR programs can be a burden on an organization. We built our CSR Management platform to take away common pain points that companies experience with CSR programs.

Helping Habit CSR Management will make your social impact program more engaging, efficient, and impactful, all while saving your organization time and money.


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