Increase Your Donations & Your Impact

Helping Habit has the tools your need to grow your mission:

• One-page donation form – fast, easy to use

• Form can be embedded on your website in your branding

• People can also donate to you through our platform

• Optimized for any phone, tablet, or computer

• Encourages both recurring donations and for the donor to cover the processing fees

• Accepts both ACH (e-check) and credit cards

• Full reporting with custom reports

• Higher procurement of corporate match dollars

• Unbeatable rates for nonprofits

Click. Connect. Contribute.

We offer a full array of donation processing solutions. Donors will be able to quickly and securely make donations using:

•Your personalized donation page on and our iOs app

•Your own website through integrating our API

• Physical card transaction through swipe and/or chip readers

•Manually entered transactions through the online portal

• Replace printed donation solicitation cards with your online donation page at fundraising events

•Over the phone transactions


Volunteering and Donating

Helping Habit is designed to make it simple for nonprofits to solicit donations from their volunteers. By having volunteer management and donations on one system, it’s easy for volunteers to donate quickly and securely. Additionally, we send automated emails after certain points when a volunteer interacts with your organization. These emails are customizable with your branding and include a donation ask.

More Than Just Donation Processing

In addition to the great benefits above, Helping Habit’s donation processing also helps us help you. The amount of donations that are processed through our system directly equates to the amount of other services we can offer you and the speed at which we can offer new services: the more, the better – for everyone!