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Why Helping Habit CSR Management? Some of the benefits of our platform include:

More Efficient Implementation & Administration
Attracting and Retaining Talented Teams
Better More Complete Information

Our Skills & Expertise

Helping Habit’s innovative platform will make your volunteer and donor program more engaging, efficient, and impactful, all while saving your organization time and money.

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Bev Cohen, HR Director


Their CSR platform is effortless to use and solves all our pain points. Helping Habit saves us time and money with their automated data collection and reporting. We love tracking our impact in the community.

Joseph Oddonetto, Director of Operations


Helping Habit’s CSR functionality is a huge boon for our employee retention and recruitment efforts. Give employees freedom to support causes they are passionate about without sacrificing corporate goals and controls. Our employees love tracking their impact in the community.

Better More Complete Information


We work with a few volunteer websites to advertise for our non-profits volunteer opportunities… and Helping Habit is our favorite!  Not only for the ease in advertising, but also the ability to generate rosters; reports for volunteers who need proof for community service; reports to the Board on how many volunteers we have; and downloads available to upload for mass mailings.  In addition, their customer support is WONDERFUL!  They are always there for us, no matter what our problem is. I strongly recommend Helping Habit for any non-profit looking to make their job easier and find the volunteers needed to accomplish your mission!

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